Q & A with CKNW ‘s Emily Lazatin


As a small business, I rely on Canada Post – they are essential to my business! Canada Post’s prices are so reasonable, so they are my first (and only) choice to deliver my products across Canada. 

With talks of a strike looming, this of course would greatly affect my business. I have never used any other courier service, because they are far too expensive. If a strike happens, I’ve made the decision to ride it out, and stick with Canada Post. A special shout-out to all the Canada Post carriers… THANK YOU! I appreciate you.

Emily Lazatin, a news reporter from CKNW contacted me today (July 06, 2016) and asked if she could interview me for her news piece about the upcoming strike. 

Leanne Campbell relies on Canada Post for her two online businesses, and says a lockout would cost her big time.

“Having to fork out quite a bit more for another courier makes a big impact.”

She sells greeting cards and baked goods.

“That will affect of course my income, and also affect the people that would normally purchase from me – like from Alberta or Nova Scotia.”

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