I am blessed and I love what I do! Natural light photographer + writer. Known as someone who makes people laugh, I am inspired by simplicity. I require authenticity. Saved by Grace. Small living enthusiast. Foodie.

I live a quiet & HAPPY life. I take pictures of things I love + I create original greeting cards! Top-notch quality card stock, engaging words & professionally printed photography.

What is girly brilliance? It’s a concept I created years ago. It came to me when I was writing my journal. I knew it was the perfect brand for my original photography and writing! To me, it means:

“Brilliance of the girly kind, a confident forge of perpetual creativity, an industrious spirit, fierce resolve to never quit & the knowledge I am Woman.”

If I could change anything about the world, it would be two things: (1) each person would intimately know God’s love. (2) each person would have an abundance of garden fresh food & clean water.

Choose HAPPY.