Oldhand Coffee


Holiday Monday… oh where to go? Hummm, I’ve been hearing great things about Oldhand Coffee downtown Abby. So off I went!

Casey was very friendly and served me with a smile. The beautiful Kristine (owner) was happy to answer any questions I had. I asked her where the name “old hand” came from. She shared how it was ode to their grandparents, who were old hands at entertaining and taking care of their family and anyone who came to their home. What a great name for a business!

Oldhand Coffee is the IDEAL local joint for all things coffee + good grub + friendly service + atmosphere.
I enjoyed every second I spent there today! From the moment I walked into the front door, to the last crumb…

For lunch I had their tasty European Ham & Aged Cheddar with a hot mustard on to-die-for homemade bread. SO good! I had Casey toast it up a bit, and it was spot on. I mean, it hit the spot.

For a treat, I gobbled up the delicious Blueberry Scone with Earl Grey Glace – one of the very best scones I’ve ever had! Ev–er. And I make killer scones @ home, so that’s saying a lot. <grin>

To describe the place, I’d say it’s imaginative. Airy. Comfortable. Peaceful. There’s a feeling that you’re HOME when you walk in the door.
Their (Bows & Arrows Coffee) coffee is a light to medium roast, which makes me a HAPPY gal! Very flavourful. And served in a gorgeous locally made ceramic cup – well! – made it all the more flavourful I’m sure.

The white wash walls are gorgeous! Kristine’s sense of style is very clear – on trend, a classy casual. Lots of comfy seating – love the old school chairs – and the eclectic stylings of this fully satisfying coffee abode.

I look forward to going back very soon.

Oldhand Coffee is open Monday to Friday 7-10 | Saturday 8-10 | Sunday 8-5

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