It’s a dunn deal.

Featured Brilliant Girl!

I enjoyed a tasty breakfast this morning in my new rae dunn clay bowl! 

There were several bowls on the shelf, all with different words on them, but “blessed” is the most fitting for me. <grin>

A true artist, Rae Dunn is originally from California. She calls herself a “maker + an observer.” I truly relate to this description.

Rae discovered the beauty of clay back in 1994, and her artistry is now global! Her distinct thin black lettering on white painted clay house items caught my eye a few years ago.

Rae Dunn makes my BRILLIANT GIRL list with flying colours!

“I don’t think my art is a reaction against the complexity of life today, but rather a way for me to embrace the joyful, spontaneous elements of daily life that seem to be wanting in so much of what we do. Today, more than ever, I think we all need to slow down and grasp that which is honest, real, and personally satisfying. I try to express those feelings in all of my work.”

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